Radical Golf: How to Lower Your Score and Raise Your Enjoyment of the Game

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Juni 1996



This book is short, entertaining - and revolutionary. By following a few simple principles explained in these pages, you can learn to shoot in the 70s. There are only two prerequisites: You have to be ready to forget the dogma of golf instructors and the propaganda of equipment manufacturers. And you have to be willing to have more fun on the golf course than you've ever had before. Radical Golf is not about how to hit the ball farther. It's not about learning dozens of specialized shots for different situations. It is about how to think your way around a golf course, so you can use the shots you're best at to maximum effect. You'll learn, among other things, why you should leave your woods at home, the secret of Bobby Jones's putter, how to find your "free throw" of golf, and why this is your most important shot. Written with a refreshing sense of humor and illustrated with more than sixty line drawings, this book will bring a smile to your face before you step onto the course - and an even bigger smile as you step off it.

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