The Messianic Passover Haggadah

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Celebrate the meaning of Passover the way Israel has done for thousands of years. This Messianic Passover Haggadah (or "retelling") is a simplified version of the Passover Seder and covers the essential elements involved in the Passover meal.

Adults and children alike will enjoy the experience of this interactive recounting of Israel's miraculous redemption from Egypt and how the death angel passed over the houses marked by the blood of the sacrificial lamb. Participants will be blessed as they see the revelation of Yeshua-the Lamb of God slain for our redemption-imprinted in this ancient retelling.

This Haggadah is perfect for Messianic congregations, Christian churches, or even families desiring to celebrate Passover together in a simple yet meaningful way.


Michael Lambert is an international Bible teacher, conference speaker, and founder (together with his wife, Helen) of Jerusalem Descending. Mike and Helen lived in Israel for over 14 years, pastoring there for 10 years, and traveling extensively with mission work to other nations. Today they are co-founders and leaders of Reality Community, a network of house churches in the United States.
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