Psychosocial Disturbances in Young People: Challenges for Prevention

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Addressing the issue of psychological disturbance in adolescent youth, a panel of experts consider whether or not such problems have multiple causes and what the influences of individual, family and societal factors are in the rise of problems. They also compare disturbances in childhood, adolescence and adulthood and look for continuities.


Part I. Challenges: 1. What is special about adolescence? Anne Petersen and Nancy Leffert; 2. Timing of puberty and reactions to pubertal changes FRANCOIS ALSAKER; 3. The challenge of teenage antisocial behaviour DAVID FARRINGTON; 4. The challenge of depressive disorders in adolescence KATHLEEN MERIKANGAS and JULES ANGST; 5. Toward explaining patterns and trends in youth crime DAVID SMITH; 6. Depression and suicidal behaviours in adolescence: sociocultural and time trends Rene DIEKSTRA; Part II. Preventive Strategies: 7. Promoting successful coping during adolescence BRUCE COMPAS; 8. Positive effects of participation in youth organizations JANE QUINN; 9. Community influences on adolescent behaviour ALBERT REISS; 10. The positive effects of schooling PETER MORTIMORE; Part III. Conclusions: 11. Sociocultural trends affecting the prevalence of adolescent problems Lee ROBINS.


' ... brings together a comprehensive range of research to shed light on what disturbs the young people of today - who will become the parents of tomorrow. Anyone who is concerned with young people and the future of our society should read this excellent book.' John Pearce, British Medical Journal ' ... well worth reading for the quality of its individual contributions'. David M. Fergusson, Journal of Child Psychology 'This is an interesting and useful book dealing with important contemporary issues highly relevant to the adolescents of today ... Child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, educators, youth workers and other professionals who have to work with adolescents on a daily basis will find this book invaluable.' Paul Lee, Australian and New Zealand Journal
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