The Vanquished Truths

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Januar 2008



Red Army soldier, you are now on German soil. The hour of your revenge has struck. The evil dictator Joseph Stalin implores his Russian soldiers to vanquish Wittenberg, East Germany's peace after the Nazis surrender in Berlin. Major Boris Stepanovich's Soviet Military Administration terrorizes the Herman Hahn family, murdering Herman and his daughter Katrina and imprisoning his son Manfred. Herman's other daughters Indra and Marta escape imprisonment threats by leaving their Wittenberg home, and when Horst Hubel, Manfred's best friend, learns that Major Stepanovich imprisons him, he surrenders his own freedom for his friend's freedom. Before his escape from the Buchenwald Prison, Horst watches other inmates die with dignity to give him another day of life to tell their prison story to the free world.

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