Healing and Hope: Memories of an Irish Ecumenist

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März 2004



How does a priest finds his vocation and make the decision to dedicate his life to God and the Church? Michael Hurley, cofounder and Director of the Irish School of Ecumenics, here reflects on his forty years and more of ecumenical experience. He discusses his boyhood in Co. Waterford and his Jesuit studies in Rome as well as in Ireland, in a search for the possible seeds of his ecumenical vocation. He sketches in outline some of the highlights of his ecumenical apostolate or ministry and he notes the fact that as far as he and his superiors were concerned, this apostolate was not foreseen, not planned; such are the strange ways of Providence. Additional chapters discuss his involvement in other churches, besides Catholic, including Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian.


Michael Hurley SJ was co-founder and Director (1970-1980) of the Irish School of Ecumenics and co-founder and member (1983-1993) of the Columbanus Community of Reconciliation in Belfast. Originally from Ardmore, Co Waterford, he is now with the Jesuit Community in Dublin.

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