Skeptiscism and the Veil of Perception

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This book develops and defends a version of direct realism: the thesis that perception gives us direct awareness, and non-inferential knowledge, of the external world. Huemer rebuts the main arguments used by philosophical skeptics to try to show that we cannot know anything about the world outside of the mind, as well as the arguments used by representationalists to try to show that we only perceive representations of external objects.


Chapter 1 Analytical Contents Chapter 2 Figures Chapter 3 Preface Chapter 4 Introduction: The Problem of Perceptual Knowledge Chapter 5 The Lure of Radical Skepticism Chapter 6 Easy Answers to Skepticism Chapter 7 A Version of Direct Realism Chapter 8 A Version of Foundationalism Chapter 9 Objections to Direct Realism Chapter 10 An Objection to Indirect Realism: The Problem of Spatial Properties Chapter 11 The Direct Realist's Answer to Skepticism


Michael Huemer is assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


This essay is useful for its clear, accessible discussion of standard skeptical arguments and its critical review of the major arguments for sense-data. Huemer's discussion of those matters is comprehensive and engaging. Mind
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