Reversing Sail: A History of the African Diaspora

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The experiences of Africans in the Old World--the Mediterranean and Islamic worlds, is followed by their movement into the New, where their plight in lands claimed by Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and English colonial powers is analyzed from enslavement through the Cold War. Particular attention is paid to the everyday lives of the working classes and their cultural development. Their exploits, challenges, and struggles are covered over a broad time frame that links as well as differentiates past and present circumstances.


Part I. 'Old' World Dimensions: 1. Antiquity; 2. Africans and the Bible; 3. Africans and the Islamic world; Part II. 'New' World Realities: 4. Transatlantic movement; 5. Enslavement; 6. Asserting the right to be; 7. Reconnecting; 8. Movement of peoples.


Michael A. Gomez is Professor of History at New York University. He is the author of Pragmatism in the Age of Jihad: The Precolonial State of Bundu (Cambridge, 1992) and Exchanging our Country Marks: The Transformation of African Identities in the Colonial and Antebellum South (1998). He currently serves as director of the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora.


'... a must-read for anyone who thinks or teaches about the African diaspora.' New West Indian Guide
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