Socially Responsible It Management

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A one-minute-manager approach to issues, "Socially Responsible IT Management" explains how following each principle can save money or time. With step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish objectives, this book shows readers how to overcome the social crisis that has resulted from the widespread use of information technology.


An Overview of Socially Responsible IT Management; Principle One: Appropriately Staff IT Departments; Principle Tw: Fairly Compensate IT workers; Principle Three: Adequately train computer users; Principle Four: Provide Ergonomic User Environments; Principle Five: Maintain Secure and Virus Free Computer Systems; Principle Six: Safeguard the Privacy of Information; Principle Seven: Ethically Manage Intellectual Property; Principle Eight: Utilize Energy Efficient Technology; Principle Nine: Properly Recycle Used Computer Equipment; Principle Ten: Support Efforts to Reduce the Digital Divide; Organizing for Socially Responsible Information Technology Management; The Future of Socially Responsible Information Technology Management


Michael Erbschloe an information technology consultant, educator, and author. Michael has also taught and developed technology related curriculum for several universities including the University of Denver, and speaks at conferences and industry events around the world. He has authored hundreds of articles on technology and several books including Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks.


"A recommended read for all IT professionals and a must read for those in management."-Tom Molnar, business systems analyst "The combination of practicality, ease of implementation, and positive return on investment is what makes this book work so well. The easy-to-implement action steps makes dealing with these ten social responsibilities something that is almost as easy as buckling your seat belt when you get into an automobile."-Brandon L. Harris, educator and author
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