Grave New World

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The optimism that arrived at the end of the cold war and marked the turn of the millennium was shattered by September 11. In the aftermath of that event it is not unwarranted pessimism that lines the pages of "Grave New World, it is unavoidable reality. Terrorism is but one aspect of many other wider concerns for national and international security, and the contributors to this volume not only warn us, but reward us as well with the clarity of their views into--and possible solutions for--a difficult, complicated future. They speak convincingly of the numerous military and nonmilitary challenges that create security problems--whether those are interstate, intrastate, or transnational--many of which are being dangerously overlooked in public policy debates. The challenges and complexities might seem insurmountable but the first step in solving problems is recognizing that they exist. "Grave New World provides and eye opening assessment of the prospects for peace and security in the 21st century.


Introduction: Security Challenges in the 21st Century Michael E. Brown
Part I: Weapons, Technology, and Security
1. Technology and Security Timothy D. Hoyt
2. The Perils of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons Bernard I. Finel, Brian D. Finlay, and Janne E. Nolan
3. The Proliferation of Conventional Weapons and Technologies Jo L. Husbands
4. Information Technology and Security Dorothy E. Denning
5. Emerging Technologies and Security Loren B. Thompson
Part II: Non-Military Aspects of Security
6. Defense Economics and Security Theodore H. Moran
7. Energy and Security Martha Harris
8. Environmental Factors and Security J.R. McNeill
9. Demographic Developments and Security Charles B. Keely
10. Security and Conflict in the Developing World Timothy D. Hoyt
Part III: Transnational Actors and Security11. Transnational Mass Media Organizations and Security Diana Owen 12. Transnational Crime, Corruption, and Security Roy Godson 13. Transnational Terrorism and Security Audrey Kurth Cronin Conclusion 14. Security Problems and Security Policy in a Grave New World Michael E. Brown


Michael E. Brown is dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs and professor of international affairs and political science at The George Washington University, and coeditor of the journal International Security.


"It has become all to common for Americans to think the U.S. now faces a single security challenge--terrorism. This fascinating and comprehensive overview of the wide range of security issues confronting the world makes clear that the picture is actually far more complex. The chapters on demographics, media, and terrorism alone are worth the price of admission."
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