Policing Chinese Politics: A History

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Juli 2005



At once a history of policing in China, as well as a political history of "the nation" in the 20th century.


Friends and enemies: The war within; From class to 'nation': Limiting the excess in Yan'an; The government of the struggle: Institutions of the binary; The years that burned; A prologue; Reflections on A political history...


Michael Dutton is a reader in political science at the University of Melbourne. He also has an appointment as a professor of politics at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is the author of "Policing and Punishment in China: From Patriarchy to "The People"" and "The Crisis of Marxism in China" and the editor of "Streetlife China."


"Michael Dutton's Policing Chinese Politics is a work of deeply committed political scholarship. It will be of great interest to scholars of Chinese politics and to historians and critics of the socialist movement."--Piers Beirne, Department of Criminology, University of Southern Maine "Eric Hobsbawm, with some irony and much love for the history profession, once remarked that 'theoreticians of all kinds circle around the peaceful herds of historians as they graze on their rich pastures of primary sources.' He endorsed the encircling of those pastures. Michael Dutton is one of those social science theoreticians who graze on the same rich fields, but at the same time takes Asian studies and history into new and fascinating areas."--Borge Bakken, author of The Exemplary Society: Human Improvement, Social Control, and the Dangers of Modernity in China "Michael Dutton's history of Chinese law enforcement sets a new standard for research in this area. It is the most detailed and well-researched piece of scholarship to date on the subject and will be of great interest to all individuals and libraries concerned with Chinese or communist policing or Chinese politics in general... essential reading ... for years to come."--ASIAN AFFAIRS, NOVEMBER 2006
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