Interpreting China's Grand Strategy: Past, Present, and Future

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März 2000



RAND Asian experts Swaine and Tellis have chosen one of the most significant, controversial, and timely subjects, breaking new ground conceptually as well as analytically.


China's Security Problem - The Historical Context - China's Current "Calculative" Strategy: Features and Implications - Factors Shaping China's Calculative Security Strategy - The Major Guiding Tenets and Policies of China's Calculative Security Strategy - The Calculative Strategy: Benefits and Risks - China Faces the Future: The Far Term - Assessing the "Natural" Longevity of the Calculative Strategy - Beyond The Calculative Strategy


Michael D. Swaine (Ph.D., Political Science, Harvard University) is a senior political scientist and research director of the RAND Center for Asia-Pacific Policy whose interests include China's foreign and security policy and decisionmaking process, Chinese domestic politics, Chinese military modernization, and Sino-U.S. strategic relations. Ashley J. Tellis (Ph.D., University of Chicago, Political Science) is a senior policy analyst at RAND who works on international relations theory, military strategy and proliferation issues, South Asian politics, and U.S.-Asian security relations.
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