Multi-Engine Oral Exam Guide: The Comprehensive Guide to Prepare You for the FAA Oral Exam

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April 2008



A manual for the oral exams and checkrides given by the FAA for pilot certification and flight review, this guide provides the most consistent questions asked of an applicant in the multi-engine competency check. Immediately following each question is a reference to the specific information source from where the answer may be derived. Covering topics such as multi-engine operations, flight principles, aircraft systems, and multi-engine maneuvers, this popular reference has been updated to reflect important FAA regulatory, procedural, and training changes--including the newest Practical Test Standards. This indispensable guidebook teaches applicants not only what to expect, but also how to exhibit subject mastery and confidence when under the examiner's scrutiny.


Michael D. Hayes is a certified private and commercial single- and multi-engine pilot and flight instructor. He is the author of the Oral Exam Guides series. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.
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