Pathways to Success

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Januar 1994



This work presents the advice of over 100 CEOs, board chairs and company presidents, who share their insights in one-page letters focusing on the qualities necessary for effective leadership and career success.


Contains letters authored by board chairs, presidents and CEOs of the companies listed below and other companies: do you want to be successful? - Bell Atlantic, KeyCorp, Leingang, Siding and Window; be courageous - Atlantic Richfield, Carretas, Fleet Financial Group; be capable - 3M, Eastman Kodak, Tootsie Roll Industries, Ward Petroleum; work hard - Gloria Jean's Gourmet Coffees, SuperValu, United Airlines; be honest - Advanced Nursing Services, Mays Chemical, New York State Electric and Gas; be imaginative - Kentucky Medical Insurance, Southern California Edison, Upjohn; be broad-minded - Airmax, Capital Holding, Frontier Cooperative Herbs, Salepoint Systems; work smart - H.J. Russell, Monsanto, Sprint; build teams - Albertson's, Metrix, Village Book Store; give respect - Boston Edison, Definitive Computer, Landcadd International; be of service - Comcast, Insta-Plak, Raillex, Tramex Travel, Unocal; be positive - Dow Chemical, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Plizer; think and learn - CMG Health, Loctite, Mobil, Worldwide Educational; try anyway? - Cunningham Communications, International English Institute, Lillian Vernon.
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