A Basic Bible Dictionary

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Far more than just an A-Z listing of Bible words, people and places, A Basic Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive, easy to useintroduction to the text of the Bible, its essential teaching, its purpose and its influence throughout history.
An extensive dictionary of biblical words is included, as are many extra features:
.a Bible time line
.an introduction to each of the 66 books that make up the Bible
.the background to the world of the Old and New Testaments
.the life and teachings of Jesus
.key themes in the Bible
.how the Bible has been translated and interpreted through the centuries
. internet Bible study sites
.maps and charts
A Basic Bible Dictionary is a handy reference guide which will be an essential tool for ail readers of the Bible.


Michael Counsell is the author of numerous prayer collection and pilgrim guides, including '2000 Years of Prayer', ' Prayers for Sundays' (Harper Collins), 'Every Pilgrim's Guide to the Journeys of the Apostles' and 'England's Holy places'. An Anglican priest, he is presently serving with the Diocese of Europe and Athens.


"Many facing an extended reading course of the Bible, in a group or on their own, will find this hand paperback of great use." -- Peter Costello, THE IRISH CATHOLIC, January 2005.
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