Turn Your Degree Into a Career: A Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Your Dream Career

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März 2003



- Find out what you are good at, and enjoy.
- Understand yourself better with self-analysis devices.
- Develop a career strategy.
- Supercharge your CV with a year out.
- Sample a career before you commit.
- Develop your own brand.
- Manage your motivation.
- Prepare and practise for aptitude and ability tests.


Introduction; One: Before you start applying; 1. Making a confident career choice; 2. Considering other directions; 3. The courage to follow your careeer choice; 4. Why sampling a career is vital; 5. Build a cunning plan; 6. Researching your career choices; 7. How to develop your own brand; 8. Skills you bring to an employer; 9. Supercharging your CV with a year out; Two: Applying; 10. The undoubted power of speculative letters; 11. Keeping your application from the bin; 12. Don't be afraid of the big bad application forms; 13. The CV: some rules to follow when creating yours; 14. Last minute tips about sending an application; 15. Well done - first interviews; 16. Top 20 questions & how to deal with them; 17. Fantastic - Second interviews; 18. Prozac for job hunters; Three: Beyond your first job; 19. Planning for the next job or career; 20. Your experience; Appendices


Dr Michael Collins runs a course on Personal and Academic Development in the University of East Anglia, offering undergraduates support on careers and job-hunting issues. Benjamin Scott, once a student on Mike Collins' course, is regularly invited to lecture on the PAD course. For over two years he worked for a London advertising agency - a job he owes to the skills taught by Dr Collins. He continues to assist the career centre with mentoring and advising undergraduates.
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