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Still nursing wounds from his last great adventure, Marc Rennsalaer finds his dreams of a peaceful life are again swept aside as he becomes drawn into a deadly game pitting his wits, survivalist gadgetry and trusty Walther PPK against a determined and organised assault.


Michael Bradley is the author of The Travelers' Club Series (The Travelers' Club and the Ghost Ship; The Travelers' Club - Fire and Ash both out now) (future - The Travelers' Club and the Lost Temple; The Travelers' Club - Tesla's War; and The Travelers' Club at the Earth's Core) as well as the Twisted Series of Anthologies (Twisted History; Twisted Nightmares; and the soon-to-be-released Twisted Futures) and numerous short stories and magazine articles. Michael resides in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in California and Hawaii. He enjoys rescue dogs, studying history, fine scotch, and great conversation. His blog site is The blog is so named because his stories primarily are set in the past or future. He can also be reached at or at Twitter @mbtimetraveler.
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