Our Band Could be Your Life

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August 2002



Now in paperback comes the story of the musical revolution that happened right under the nose of the Reagan Eighties, when a small but sprawling network of bands--including Black Flag, the Minutemen, Sonic Youth, and Beat Happening--reenergized American rock. 13 photos.


Michael Azerrad has written for a number of magazines inc. Rolling Stone, revolver and Spin as well a book about Nirvana and another featuring the Seattle music scene. He lives in New York.


Azerrad has done so much interviewing that the material will be fresh even for those whose lives these bands were. - Village Voice A timely reminder that Cobain and company were merely a key regiment in the motley al-rock army... OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE narrates, down to the homemade posters and tour van repairs, how these bands gradually built up an audience large enough to make
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Untertitel: Scenes from the American Indie Underground. portraits. Sprache: Englisch.
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