Safe Schools: Crisis Prevention and Response

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November 2001



Forged from the experiences of a principal whose school and community underwent several tragedies in one year, Safe Schools is a practical guidebook from a proactive leader who has been there. The book is designed to provide the administrator with a step-by-step crisis preparedness evaluation. After working through the checklists and forms in this resource, school leaders will know just how prepared their school is. School climate questionnaires, a three pronged safety plan, training for a crisis management team, and a bibliography of resources will guide administrators as they strive to empower their school and community.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 About the Author Chapter 3 America's Schools in Crisis Chapter 4 The Tragedies that Befell Our School in One Year Chapter 5 How We Responded to Our Crises Chapter 6 Factors that Affect School Safety Chapter 7 Crisis Preparedness Chapter 8 Planning to Create Safe Schools Chapter 9 What to Do When a Crisis Strikes Chapter 10 Dealing with Threats to Security Chapter 11 Perceptions and Conflicts Chapter 12 Job Related Stress and Administrative Overload Chapter 13 Thinking Outside the Box Chapter 14 Conclusions and Summary Chapter 15 Appendix (Stabilization Plan, Crisis Preparedness Checklist, Vignettes for Crisis Team Training, Incident Fact Sheet, Incident Response Guidelines, Incident Information Form, Physical Risk Reduction Checklist, Writing a School crisis Management Objective,


Michael A. Wanko is Principal of Bayonne High School, New Jersey, and Adjunct Graduate Professor at the New Jersey City University. He has published widely on the principalship, and won numerous awards for his leadership, including the NASSP and MetLife State Principal of the Year Award.
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