Working with Student Teachers: Getting & Giving the Best

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Learn strategies and specific techniques for effective supervision of student teachers. Appendices provide resources for mentors to use with the student teachers they work with and bibliographic resources are included with each chapter for additional reference.


Chapter 1 1 Introduction Chapter 2 2 Building Positive Relationships Chapter 3 3 Planning and Sequencing Chapter 4 4 Supervising the Student Teacher Chapter 5 5 Helping Student Teachers Succeed in Diverse Classrooms Chapter 6 6 The Incompetent Student Teacher Chapter 7 7 The Excellent Student Teacher Chapter 8 8 The Principal's Role Chapter 9 Appendix: Observable Instructional Behaviors to Reinforce Chapter 10 Bibliography Chapter 11 Index Chapter 12 About the Authors


Michael Morehead is a professor and associate dean of the College of Education at New Mexico State University. He is a former secondary school teacher and administrator. Dr. Morehead coordinated student teaching programs for over 14 years at Northern Arizona University and Emporia State University. During this time he coordinated the assignment of over 4,000 student teachers. Lawrence Lyman is a professor and the chair of the Department of Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education at Emporia State University. He is a former elementary school teacher and principal. In 1998, he returned to the classroom in a third/fourth grade classroom in the Emporia Public schools where he served as a mentor to three student teachers. Harvey C. Foyle is a professor in the Department of Design and Technology at Emporia State University. He is a former high school social studies teacher and departmental chairperson. His university experiences include curriculum and instruction, social studies education, computers and technology, as well as student teacher supervision. Special thanks to Candace J. Sitzer who assisted in editing, researching and guiding the development of the manuscript. Ms. Sitzer has a Master's degree from New Mexico State University and is employed by the College of education.
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