From Comrade to Citizen: The Struggle for Political Rights in China

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September 2007



Examines the changing relationship between the Chinese people and the state. Correcting the conventional view of China as having instituted extraordinary economic changes but having experienced few political reforms in the post-Mao period, the author details efforts by individuals and groups to assert their political rights.


Abbreviations Introduction: From Comrades to Citizens in the Post-Mao Era 1 Democracy Wall: The First Assertion of Political Rights in the Post-Mao Era 2 The Establishment of an Independent Political Organization in the 1980s: The Social and Economic Research Institute 3 The Emergence of Unofficial Political Movements in the 1990s 4 Ideological Diversity Challenges the Party 5 The Flowering of Liberalism, 1997-1998 6 The Establishment of an Alternative Political Party: The China Democracy Party 7 Citizenship Extends into Cyberspace despite Repression 8 The Expansion of Rights Consciousness Epilogue: Redefinition of Chinese Citizenship on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century Notes Index


Merle Goldman is Professor of History, Emerita, at Boston University and Associate of the John K. Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University.
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