Counseling Women with Breast Cancer: A Guide for Professionals

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Juli 2000



`There are several interesting case studies, and the book is a very useful guide for those starting out in this field as well as helpful revision material for more experienced counsellors' - National Association of Cancer Counsellors

This comprehensive guide for mental health practitioners and medical professionals addresses the delicate issues surrounding breast cancer and the processes involved in emotional coping and healing. The book covers concerns of family members as well as women worried about developing breast cancer.


Setting the Stage
Breast Cancer
What You Need to Know
Risk Factors and Prevention
The Breast Cancer Experience
How to Do a Psychosocial Assessment
Intervening with the Individual
Group Interventions
Family Issues
Therapeutic Issues


Merle A. Keitel is currently Professor and Director of Training of the APA-accredited doctoral program in Counseling Psychology in the Division of Psychological and Educational Services at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education in New York City. Her primary teaching responsibilities are in the areas of individual counseling and psychotherapy and counseling theory and process. Dr. Keitel takes pride in the accomplishments of the many doctoral students she has mentored over the past 30 years at Fordham University. She is the co-author with Mary Kopala of Counseling Women with Breast Cancer (Sage, 2000) and the co-editor of the first edition of the Handbook of Counseling Women (Sage, 2003). She has written numerous book chapters and articles on topics related to women's issues and health psychology such as cancer, infertility and miscarriage, PCOS, and eating disorders. Dr. Keitel presents on these topics regularly at national professional conferences. She has been awarded the James C. Hansen Humanitarian award from the University of Buffalo, the Katherine J. Scanlon Award for "extraordinary contribution to Fordham University and to the field of Psychology", and was represented in the Oral History of Feminist Psychologists (Division 35, American Psychological Association).

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