Youth-Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities: A Community Capacity-Enrichment Perspective

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Youth-Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities presents a comprehensive and up-to-date view on youth-led health promotion in the United States and provides recommendations for addressing health issues and problems related to urban youth of color. The book is comprehensive, providing statistical documentation and case illustrations.


Part 1 List of Figures Part 2 Acknowledgements Part 3 Preface Part 4 Contextual Setting Chapter 5 Overview Chapter 6 Health Promotion Field Chapter 7 Demographic Profile of Youth and Trends Chapter 8 Health Care Needs in Urban Communities: A Special Focus on Youth of Color Part 9 Youth-Led Health Promotion Chapter 10 Conceptual Foundation for Youth-Led Health Promotion Chapter 11 Social and Economic Justice Foundation Chapter 12 Principles of Youth-Led Health Promotion Chapter 13 Youth-Led Health Promotion Framework and Strategy Chapter 14 Research and Evaluation of Youth-Led Health Promotion Part 15 Reflections from the Field Chapter 16 Case Illustration Chapter 17 Recommendations for Practice and Research Part 18 Bibliography Part 19 Additional Reading Part 20 Index Part 21 About the Authors


Melvin Delgado is professor of social work and chair of macro-practice at Boston University of Social Work. Huiquan Zhou is currently a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice.
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