Who I Am: Diary Number 3

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It's challenging enough to be a normal high school senior, but Caitlin OUConner has a host of new difficulties to deal with in the third book of Carlson's fascinating teen series. A soul-stretching time of racial reconciliation at school and within her church helps Caitlin discover God's will as never before.


Melody Carlson has published over ninety books for adults, children, and teens, with sales totaling more than two million and many titles appearing on the ECPA Bestsellers List. Several of her books have been finalists for, and winners of, various writing awards, including the Gold Medallion and the RITA Award. Some of her popular multi-volume series include Diary of a Teenage Girl and True Colours.
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Untertitel: 'Diary of a Teenage Girl: Caitl'. Empfohlen ab 12 Jahre. Sprache: Englisch.
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