Racial Slurs & Discrimination: Is It Real or Imaginary?

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April 2008



There is a hidden message behind all the mess of racial slurs and discrimination. Everyone is looking at it from one perspective only, which is the secular perspective. Melba comes with a different perspective inside her book, Racial Slurs & Discrimination Is It Real or Is It Imaginary. Inside the book you are given examples of why it is happening, and what we can do in our communities, our society, and our nation to fight this ever-present threat. You can answer the question Is It Real Or Is It Imaginary. If you are able to figure out the hidden message inside of this book, then to God is the glory. Author Melba Thomas is new on the horizon, but she has a powerful message. She is the mother of three, and a grandmother of three. Melba is not married, but she does have a very special person in her life. She is a very active member in her church, and she is also a coordinator of one of the many ministries at her church. Melba holds an Associate Degree in Substance Abuse and she is currently working in that field to help others. She currently resides in Beaumont, Texas. 1. Current Events-Race Relations 2. Politics

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