Death in the Age of Steam

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Toronto in 1856 is industrializing with little time for scruple or sentiment. When Reform politician William Sheridan dies suddenly and his daughter Theresa vanishes, only one man persists in asking questions.


Mel Bradshaw studied English and philosophy at the University of Toronto and continued at Oxford. His first novel, Death in the Age of Steam, was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for best first crime novel. He lives in Toronto.


"This is a delightful, romance, mystery, and detective story, full of history and brimming with intelligent and superbly-rendered characters." -- W.P. Kinsella -- First Novels, 20040801 "Bradshaw had achieved a particular kind of literary feat. He has written a 19th-century novel, set in Toronto in 1856. This is not merely a detective story in period dress, but a carefully constructed and exquisitely sketched novel of manners." -- Graham Fraser -- Toronto Star, 20040801 "...Death in the Age of Steam...offers respide from an overwrought milieu." -- Candice G. Ball -- Calgary Herald, 20040807 "Mel Bradshaw has created a novel that is very hard to put down. While it is extremely linear in structure, it is peopled by interesting characters utterly unlike English or American characters of the same era. Bradshaw's world is completely Canadian, with an assumption that the reader knows at least a little Canadian history." -- Robin Carson -- Edmonton Journal, 20040523 "...exceptionally good first novel...Bradshaw keeps the reader firmly on the pavement with sights, sounds, smells and vivid descriptions of Victorian Canadian life." -- Margaret Cannon -- The Globe and Mail, 20040417 "Mel Bradshaw may have set his mystery in a time when the word 'detective' was still a neologism, but the Canada he so lovingly re-creates is far from unrecognizable. From Toronto's Bay St. to Kingston's penitentiary and Montreal's Bonsecours market, from the latest fashions of the era to the political clashes that defined it, the world resurrected by Bradshaw is nothing short of awe-inspiring." -- Layla Dabby -- The Montreal Gazette, 20040703 "It's a wonderful read. It's an easy read. You can get right into the characters and the scenes." -- Jamie West -- Hametown Today on CHML AM 900 Hamilton
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