Y Equals Arctg X: The Hyperbola of the World Order

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Combining history, archeology, sociology, political science, and agricultural studies, Y=Arctgx: The Hyperbola of the World Order presents a theory claiming that any political system with a firm agricultural foundation is pre-destined to reach political unity and turn this state into the norm. Using the circumscription theory the idea that states first arose in areas of the world where agricultural land was in short supply and exhaustive historical evidence, this timely work proposes the emergence of a single world state.


Part 1 Acknowledgment Part 2 Foreword Part 3 Preface Part 4 Introduction Part 5 Part I. Phenomena Chapter 6 1: Egypt and Mesopotamia by 500 BC Chapter 7 2: China and the Mediterranean by 200 AD Part 8 Part II. Discussion Chapter 9 3: Circumscription Chapter 10 4: Cereal Agriculture Chapter 11 5: The Imperial Belt Part 12 Part III. Implications for the Modern System Chapter 13 6: The Formation Chapter 14 7: The Present Stage Chapter 15 8: The Next Stage Chapter 16 9. Forward to the Future Part 17 Conclusion Part 18 Abbreviations Part 19 Cited Bibliography Part 20 About The Author


Max Ostrovsky is a Ph.D. candidate and Librarian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Just the labor required to assemble so vast a collection of facts is daunting...Yet it is not simply a masterful compendium of facts and quotations. It is the achievement of penetrating intelligence with a broad, firm grasp of the world, imparting to the narrative a clear direction and a strong purpose. -- Robert L. Carneiro, from the foreword
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