Dirty Business

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September 2000



Drawing on both theory and major case studies, this book provides a much-needed sociological and comparative analysis of the world of the manager in the context of misconduct within business organizations.
Organizational misbehaviour and crime have been relatively neglected in the social sciences, particularly in business studies. Analyses have tended to be fragmentary, overly slanted towards narrow external views - such as those of legal control and public policy - and predominantly North American. Dirty Business rectifies this by offering a broad sociological perspective related to work, organizations and management, supported by a range of key international case studies. In developing his arguments, Maurice Punch draws on primary and secondary sources as well as his extensive personal experience of teaching and interacting with managers and in developing courses on crisis and disaster management.


Management and Organizational Misbehaviour
Business, Society, and Corporate Deviance
White-Collar Crime and Organizational Deviance
Consequences and Control
Ten Cases of Corporate Deviance
Everything but Temptation
Tackling Business Crime


Maurice Punch, previously Professor of Sociology at Nijenrode, The Netherlands School of Business, is now an independent scholar and consultant. He has published extensively in the area of business ethics and organizational crime.


In today's changed globalizing business environment, it has become imperative for most small industries to grow quickly, merely in order to survive. The question is: How does one go about making growth happen? In this well researched book the author examines 10 cases of highly successful Indian enterprises run by first generation entrepreneurs to answer this important question.
`It is written in an accessible form and is reasonably priced....
Criminological and organisational material will be particularly useful, in addition to providing a useful source for criminology, law and sociology students' - British Journal of Criminology

`The core of this book is a set of ten case studies of "corporate deviance" from around the world, including the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the Michael Milken scandal in Wall Street and the Guiness affair. Aimed at a business school readership, the author considers why individuals go "wrong" and the extent to which organisation culture influences behaviour' - Community Affairs Briefing
`From executive greed to criminal negligence, Dirty Business offers a masterful account of the great business debacles and disasters of modern times. A must read for all who want to understand - and prevent - corporate misconduct' - Michael Useem, University of Pennsylvania
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