Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby

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Raven is a build system that leverages Ruby tools (namely Rake and Gems) to let you build Java projects easily and elegantly. It provides a way to handle dependencies and specific tasks for Java, all based on Ruby. These foundations make Raven the most productive and flexible build tool available in open source. This firstPress book is expected to be first book on the market for Raven. It details how to use the emerging open source Raven simply, using examples and explaining the foundations Raven has been built on. It also provides best practices and explains more complex scenarios, allowing you to setup a complete build environment in no time.


  1. Dreams of Build
  2. Raven Takes Off
  3. Wait, I Have Dependencies!
  4. Divide and Conquer: Multimodule Projects
  5. Public or Private Repository


Matthieu Riou is the leader of the Raven project. He's also a Ruby and Java consultant, an industry blogger, and a scripting enthusiast.


From the reviews:
"The book's structure and short length make it easy for the reader to first download the software, and then follow the trail to easier build management. The book describes the origin of Raven and other scripting capabilities. ... In conclusion, Raven is shown to be an effective approach to improving Java builds management issues. This book will help users easily decide for themselves how these capabilities fit into their environment." (Scott Moody, ACM Computing Reviews, Vol. 49 (11), November, 2008)
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