Protecting Your Identity: A Practical Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and Its Damaging Consequences

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August 2008



Provides thorough, practical help and advice about how to protect your identity and what to do if your identity is stolen. Includes chapters on keeping your computer safe, using the internet safely and the signs to identify when you are a victim.


1. What is identity theft?; 2. Protecting yourself; 3. Keeping your computer safe; 4. Using the internet safely; 5. Identifying if you are a victim; 6. Reporting identity theft; Jargon buster; Useful addresses; Useful indentity fraud protection websites; Index.


Matthew Record is an experienced media researcher and successful author. He was driven to research the subject of identity theft to protect himself and his family from what has quickly become the UK's fastest growing crime. During his research he realised that there was not a single comprehensive source to find out about what identity theft is, how to protect yourself or what to do if you become a victim. His book seeks to address the balance by providing a comprehensive and practical guide to protecting you from identity theft and its damaging consequences.
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