Bad Monkeys

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Jane Charlotte has been arrested for murder. During questioning, she tells the police that she is a member of a secret organisation. Her division, the Bad Monkeys, is an execution squad, determined to rid the world of evil people. But the man she has just killed was not on the target list. As her story becomes more bizarre the question becomes: Is Jane lying, crazy - or playing a different game altogether?


Matt Ruff wurde 1965 in New York geboren und wuchs als Sohn eines lutheranischen Pfarrers in Queens auf. Er studierte bei Alison Lurie und schloß 1987 sein Studium an der Cornell University, Ithaca, ab. 1991 erschien die deutsche Ausgabe seines Erstlingswerks 'Fool on the Hill'.


'A bloody good read ... a very enjoyable adventure story with a bizarre paranormal twist that will satisfy fans of such things' Dark Side 'If you leave this book on a train halfway, you'll buy another copy tomorrow ... Her world is superbly rendered. This is a feat of imagination, helped by its setting: one of those haunting all-American locations that are both nowhere yet on the road to places the whole world has heard of' Daily Telegraph 'Fast. Wicked. Scarily clever, and equally fun for those who like thrillers and those who don't' Neal Stephenson, bestselling author of Quicksilver and Cryptonomicon 'Highly entertaining. It moves fast and keeps surprising you. There are also some exciting and hallucinatory action sequences that are so skillfully written I felt as if I was watching the first Matrix movie, which I unabashedly loved' New York Times Book Review
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