Covering Your Campus: A Guide for Student Newspapers

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Newsrooms and campus newsrooms are no exception are chaotic, fast-paced, and lively. That's why we love them. But reporting news is an important business, and everyone involved in that business needs some guidance and structure. Covering Your Campus provides the advice, rules, guidelines, and encouragement that every campus newspaper staff needs, without talking down to students or telling them what to do.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 1 Putting Policies on Paper Chapter 3 2 Staffing the Newspaper Chapter 4 3 The Newsroom Chapter 5 4 News Chapter 6 5 Reporting Chapter 7 6 Investigative Journalism Chapter 8 7 Opinions Chapter 9 8 Features Chapter 10 9 Arts and Entertainment Chapter 11 10 Sports Chapter 12 11 Photos and Graphics Chapter 13 12 Design Chapter 14 13 Copy Editing Chapter 15 14 Headlines and Cutlines Chapter 16 15 The Online Edition Chapter 17 16 Advertising and Finances Chapter 18 17 Student Press Law Chapter 19 18 Taste Chapter 20 19 Ethics Chapter 21 20 The Joy of Journalism


Matt Nesvisky is a veteran journalist and an associate professor of English at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.


Campus media have become increasing important both as training grounds for the next generation of journalists and as vehicles to inform the academic community about matters of importance. Veteran journalist and campus newspaper adviser Matthew Nesvisky has written a smart, accessible guide aimed at helping student journalists and their advisers reach the next level of excellence. -- Elliot King, Loyola College in Maryland; co-author, The Online Journalist and The Online Student Nesvisky's anecdotal approach will be more likely than many textbooks to engage the reader who has a real-world and not an academic need for understanding. And the book's conversational style also makes it an asset when it comes to articulating its key points...The guide is well organized and comprehensive, and the story-telling approach and smartly-written section heads help make it a lively read for those in need. College Media Review This guide is right on target-a must-have resource in the campus newsroom! Nesvisky goes beyond the typical how-tos and asks readers to critically analyze principles in order to determine practice, so necessary in this precarious period for media. This guide presents the truths of running a student newspaper with loads of on-the-mark humor. -- Patsy Y. Iwasaki, University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College
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