Global Governance and Public Accountability

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Februar 2005



* An exploration of questions of crucial importance to the creation of a legitimate system of global governance. * Written by a group of prominent international scholars and experts of global governance. * Provides a comprehensive analysis of major arenas of global decision--making.


Notes on Contributors. 1. Introduction: David Held and Mathias Koenig--Archibugi. 2. Defining Accountability Up: the Global Economic Multilaterals: Miles Kahler. 3. Disaggregated Sovereignty: Towards the Public Accountability of Global Government Networks: Anne--Marie Slaughter. 4. Multisectoral Networks in Global Governance: Towards a Pluralistic System of Accountability: Thorsten Benner, Wolfgang H. Reinicke and Jan Martin Witte. 5. Civil Society and Democratically Accountable Global Governance: Jan Aart Scholte. 6. Transnational Corporations and Public Accountability: Mathias Koenig--Archibugi. 7. Global Governance and Legitimacy Problems: Michael Zurn. 8. Global Governance and Communicative Action: Thomas Risse. 9. Global Governance, Participation and the Public Sphere: Patrizia Nanz and Jens Steffek. 10. Is there a a Democratic Deficita in World Politics? A Framework for Analysis: Andrew Moravcsik. 11. Democratic Accountability and Political Effectiveness from a Cosmopolitan Perspective: David Held. Index.


David Held is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of Democracy and the Global Order (Polity, 1995), Models of Democracy (Second Edition, Polity, 1996), and Global Covenant (Polity 2004); the co--author of Global Transformations (Polity, 1999) and Globalization/Anti--Globalization (Polity 2002); and the editor or co--editor of Prospects for Democracy (Polity, 1993), Cosmopolitan Democracy (Polity 1995), Re--imagining Political Community (Polity 1998) and Governing Globalization (Polity, 2002). Mathias Koenig--Archibugi is Lecturer in Global Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the co--editor of Taming Globalization (Polity, 2003).


"This excellent volume raises serious analytical and normative questions of public accountability challenges posed by innovations in global governance, and it provides sophisticated, non--ideological answers. It marks an important contribution to the debate." John Gerard Ruggie, Harvard University
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