I'm Married to Your Company!: Everyday Voices of Japanese Women

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Dezember 2007



This approachable and absorbing book offers a unique window into Japanese culture and language. Highlighting the overlooked world of the 'silent majority, ' the housewives and mothers who are the mainstay of Japanese society, this work tells the stories of ordinary women in their own voices. An annotated translation of a Japanese bestseller, the volume explores the daily communication of Japanese women and what their words tell us about their relationships and lives in a globalized, postindustrial, yet still often male-dominated Japan


Chapter 1: Marriage and Tradition
Chapter 2: Men
Chapter 3: Ourselves
Chapter 4: Other Women
Chapter 5: Families, Parents, and Parents-in-Law
Chapter 6: Life and Society
Chapter 7: Women's Social Roles and Our Behavior in Men's Society
Chapter 8: Social Attitudes toward Women
Chapter 9: How We Are Seen
Chapter 10: What I Want to Be
Chapter 11: How Society Should Be
Chapter 12: Married Life
Chapter 13: Social Issues
Chapter 14: Nature and Beauty


Masako Itoh is a Japanese feminist cultural critic and community activist long associated with the Kunitachi Public Community Center in Tokyo. Nobuko Adachi is assistant professor of anthropology at Illinois State University. James Stanlaw is professor of anthropology at Illinois State University.


This book offers one of the finest ways to understand the sociological and anthropological conditions of current Japan. The Japanese women's voices are spicy and sharp, while the translation reads as pleasantly and persuasively as the original. This provocative work will interest general readers as well as students in sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies courses. -- Seiichi Makino, Princeton University This book is a welcome addition to the growing collection of studies of Japanese women. By relying on detailed presentations of real women in their everyday context introduced in real-life situations, Itoh challenges readers never to generalize about any typical individual fulfilling a social role...Recommended. CHOICE, October 2008 Thanks to Adachi and Stanlaw, readers of English can now relish Masako Itoh's popular nonfiction book. Itoh's vignettes and essays explore the politics of gender in contemporary Japan through an illuminating blend of her own thinking intertwined with the words and expressions of everyday women. This delightful translation with its expert cultural commentary skillfully captures the opinionated, outspoken, and provocative rants and worries of Itoh and her companions. -- Laura Miller, Loyola University
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