Military Transition to Civilian Success: The Complete Guide for Veterans and Their Families

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Includes the latest strategies for launching a successful transition in the civilian world. Covers everything from assessing skills and writing resumes to starting a business and planning for retirement.


Discover a New Life You Really Love; Welcome to the Challenging Civilian World; Get Started Right; Changing Trends, Job, Careers, and Employers; Best Job and Career Alternatives for Transitioning Military; Cast a New Net for Success; Select the Most Effective Job Search Approaches; Discover the Truth About You; Identify Your Interests and Values; Analyse Your Motivated Abilities and Skills; Specify a Powerful Objective; Write Effective Resumes and Letters; Research Alternative Jobs, Employers, and Communities; Network Your Way Through the Hidden Job Market; Interview Like a Pro; Negotiate Salary, Benefits, and Your Future; Survive and Thrive in Your Career; Find Your Ideal Place to Live and Work; Start Your Own Business.
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