Mathematics Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teacher

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Always on the cutting-edge of mathematics teaching, the new Sixth Edition continues to integrate technology with hands-on experience and the latest research and standards. The CD packaged with this book features videos with guiding questions to analyze real teacher-student interaction in the hard-to-teach math concepts. It also includes colored patterns to download that will help readers practice hands-on manipulations as they prepare for interactive test items.


1. Mathematics Education Today and into the Future. 2. Culturally Relevant Mathematics. 3. The Development of Mathematical Proficiency: Using Learning Research, Assessment, and Effective Instruction. 4. Middle School Mathematics. 5. Problem Solving. 6. Early Childhood Mathematics -- Number Readiness. 7. Operations and Number Sense. 8. Numeration and Number Sense. 9. Operations with Whole Numbers. 10. Common Fractions and Decimals. 11. Percent, Ratio, Proportion, and Rate. 12. Geometry and Spatial Reasoning. 13. Measurement. 14. Algebra and Algebraic Thinking. 15. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability.
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