The History of Lesbian Hair: And Other Tales of Bent Life in a Straight World

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September 1996



In The History of Lesbian Hair, Mary Dugger delivers an unrelentingly hilarious view of the modern world. The redoubtable Ms. D. offers an uproarious array of illustrated essays, diagrams, and short takes, subdivided into Life ("The Downside to Lesbian Chic", how to "Build Your Own Lesbian", "So You Want to Be a Straight Girl", and the ultimate definition of children - "pets with thumbs"), Liberty ("Far Right Trading Cards", the ethics of outing, and an irrefutable argument proving that if homosexuals really do make up only 1.5 percent of the population, then every gay person in Chicago spends an average of $13.11 on liquor every single day), and The Pursuit of Happiness (the birth of the indomitable alter ego Marie DuGuerre, and her ongoing search for love, romance, and a decent vacation).

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