Mary Casanova and You

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This seventh book in the Author and YOU series features the life and work of Mary Casanova, an award-winning picture book author, and author of middle grade fiction. This title discusses her life and work and the researching, writing and illustrating of each of her books, books that often focus on relationships between people and the environment. Her middle grade novels, include Jess--a book promoted by the American Girl publishers as their "Girl of the Year (2006)." The back story of each book will provide ideas for lesson plans and connections for the teacher to make for and with young readers.


MARY CASANOVA is a well-known author of children's books with over a dozen books in print and several in press.


"In each of these books, the reader is acquainted with the author in a depth hitherto unavailable to teachers and teacher-librarians. This series provides background for working with the many children who love an author's work and have so many questions. And readers will understand and appreciate the efforts behind the many hours that each author spends on creating a work to be enjoyed by thousands and thousands of children. Highly recommended." - Library Media Connection"
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