So You Want to Be a Teacher?

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Coming on the heels of the media announcing a national teacher shortage, this book outlines why people become teachers and helps readers reflect upon their own history with teachers before making a commitment to a teacher education program. The pros and cons of the profession are discussed, as well as how to choose the right subject and grade. Common myths are explored and debunked, such as that old adage, 'Those who can do, and who can't, teach.' The book is designed for the general public as well as students in introductory courses in education. Also includes invaluable references and hints of employment.


1 Introduction 2 Why People Choose Teaching 3 How do I Become a Teacher? 4 What do I Have to Learn? 5 Today's Students and Their Diversity 6 What Teachers do 7 The Purpose of Schools, Their Role in the Community, and How They Are Run 8 The Professional Life of a Teacher 9 Your Job Search 10 Succeeding Your First Year 11 Advice from Other Teachers


Mary C. Clement was a high school Spanish and French teacher before she earned her doctorate in curriculum and instruction at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She served as the director of the Beginning Teacher Program at Eastern Illinois University for six years and is currently an assistant professor of education at Berry College. Her current teaching schedule includes orientation to education, general secondary methods, foriegn language methods, and graduate courses in curriculum. She has authored two books, Building the Best Faculty and Put Your Oxygen on First...and Other Strategies for Succeeding in Teaching. She has also authored numerous articles on teaching and teaching-related subjects.
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