Cross-Cultural Counseling: The Arab-Palestinian Case

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Cross-Cultural Counseling: The Arab-Palestinian Case explains the encounter between Western psychotherapy and traditional Arab society. Through empirical and case studies, you'll come to see how many of the basic techniques of Western psychotherapy are at odds with core beliefs of the Arabic culture and learn of a conceptualization in which Western psychotherapy can successfully be adapted to current traditional Arab culture. The valuable insight you'll gain into the sociopolitical background and psychocultural features of Arab people and the psychological implications of Arab traditional collectivistic society will help you be more efficient and successful and decrease drop-out rates when treating non-Western clients.


Contents List of Figures List of Tables Author's Note Foreword Preface Acknowledgment Part I: The Arab-Palestinian Culture Chapter 1. The Palestinian Arabs Chapter 2. Psycho-Cultural Features of the Palestinian Arabs Chapter 3. Socialization in Arabic Families and Schools Part II: Mental Health in Arabic Society and Other South/Eastern Cultures Chapter 4. Arabic Personality Development, Structure, and Dynamics Chapter 5. Epidemiology of Psychological Disorders in the Arabic Societies Chapter 6. Arab Cultural Attitudes Towards Mental Health Chapter 7. Difficulties of Western Psychotherapy in a Traditional Arabic Society and Other South/Eastern Societies Chapter 8. Applying Psychotherapy with South/Eastern Clients Chapter 9. Biopsychosocial Model for Psychotherapy with South/Eastern Clients Chapter 10. Selected Cases Appendix: Conclusive Comparison of Modern Western Culture with Medieval and South/Eastern Cultures References Index
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