Hands-On Science Activities for Grades K-2

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November 1998



Follows the discover/inquiry approach recommended by the National Science Teacher's Association the over 100 activities in each volume at grade level encourage students to analyze, synthesize, and infer based on their own hands-on experiences.


About the Science Curriculum Activities Library. About the Author. Acknowledgments. How to Use This Book. Listing of Activities by Topic and Subtopic. Section One EARTH SCIENCE ACTIVITIES. Topic 1 Air. To the Teacher. Activity 1.1 How Can You Test to See If Air Takes Up Space? Activity 1.2 How Can You Pour Air? Activity 1.3 How Can You Tell If Air Has Weight? Activity 1.4 How Can You Feel the Weight and Pressure of Air? Activity 1.5 What Is Another Way to Feel Air Pressure? Activity 1.6 How Can Air Be Compressed? Activity 1.7 What Is Another Way Air Can Be Compressed? Activity 1.8 What Can a Card Teach You About Air? Activity 1.9 How Can Air Pressure Make Things Stronger? Activity 1.10 How Can Air Help Us Drink? Activity 1.11 How Does Air Pressure Affect Water Flow? Activity 1.12 What Is the Relationship Between Moving Air and Its Pressure? Activity 1.13 What Happens When Air Is Heated? Activity 1.14 How Can You Tell That Warm Air Rises? Activity 1.15 What Happens When Air Gets Warmer? Activity 1.16 How Can We Watch Air Expand and Contract? Activity 1.17 How Does Cold Air Behave? Activity 1.18 What Happens When Warm Air and Cold Air Mix? Activity 1.19 How Can You Get Water Out of the Air? Topic 2 Water. To the Teacher. Activity 2.1 How Does Water Disappear? Activity 2.2 What Is in Sea Water? Activity 2.3 What Is Condensation? Activity 2.4 How Can You Get Water Out of the Air? Activity 2.5 What Is Another Way to Get Moisture Out of the Air? Activity 2.6 How Can a Water Drop Make Things Larger? Activity 2.7 How Can Water Make a Coin Appear? Activity 2.8 What Happens When Water Changes to a Solid? Activity 2.9 How Can You Make a Worm? Topic 3 Weather. To the Teacher. Activity 3.1 What Does a Wind Vane Do, and How Can You Make One? Activity 3.2 What Is Another Design for a Wind Vane? Activity 3.3 How Can You Use a Wind Vane? Topic 4 The Earth. To the Teacher. Activity 4.1 In What Order Do Materials Settle in Water? Activity 4.2 How Are Rocks Classified? Activity 4.3 How Do Crystals Form? Section Two LIFE SCIENCE ACTIVITIES. Topic 5 Plants and Seeds. To the Teacher. Activity 5.1 What Plant Is This? Activity 5.2 How Do Seeds Begin to Grow? Activity 5.3 How Can We Watch Seeds Grow? Activity 5.4 How Do Seeds Travel? Activity 5.5 How Can Plants Grow Without Seeds? Activity 5.6 What Is Another Way to Grow Plants Without Seeds? Activity 5.7 What Can You Do with Plants That Become Too Big for Their Containers? Activity 5.8 How Do Containers Make Plants More Interesting? Activity 5.9 What Do Plants Need in Order to Grow? Activity 5.10 How Does Water Travel in a Plant? Activity 5.11 What Are the Parts of Some Common Plants? Activity 5.12 What Parts of Plants Do You Like to Eat? Topic 6 Animals. To the Teacher. Activity 6.1 Who Are the New Members of Our Class? Activity 6.2 How Can You Keep Your Pets Healthy? Activity 6.3 How Many Pets Can You Find? Activity 6.4 How Many Other Pets Can You Find? Activity 6.5 What Kind of Pet Would You Like to Own? Activity 6.6


Marvin N. Tolman, Ed.D., Utah State University, began his career in education as a teaching principal in rural Utah and spent the next 11 years teaching grades one through six in the schools of San Juan and Utah counties. Presently professor of elementary education, he has taught math methods, science methods, and computer literacy courses at Brigham Young University for the past 20 years, served as a consultant to various school districts, and conducted many inservice workshops.
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