The Rise of Anthropological Theory: A History of Theories of Culture, Updated Edition: A History of Theories of Culture, Updated Edition

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August 2001



The best known, most often cited history of anthropological theory is finally available in paperback! First published in 1968, Harris's book has been cited in over 1,000 works and is one of the key documents explaining cultural materialism, the theory associated with Harris's work. This updated edition included the complete 1968 text plus a new introduction by Maxine Margolis, which discusses the impact of the book and highlights some of the major trends in anthropological theory since its original publication. RAT, as it is affectionately known to three decades of graduate students, comprehensively traces the history of anthropology and anthropological theory, culminating in a strong argument for the use of a scientific, behaviorally-based, etic approach to the understanding of human culture known as cultural materialism. Despite its popularity and influence on anthropological thinking, RAT has never been available in paperback_until now. It is an essential volume for the library of all anthropologists, their graduate students, and other theorists in the social sciences.


Enlightenment; reaction and recovery - the early 19th century; rise of racial determinism; Spencerism; evolutionism - methods; the evolutionists - results; dialectical materialism; historical particularism - Boas; the Boasian milieu; the ethnographic basis of particularism; Kroeber; Lowie; diffusionism; culture and personality - pre-Freudian; culture and personality - Freudian; culture and personality - new directions; French structuralism; British social anthropology; emics, etics and the new ethnography; statistical survey and the nomothetic revival; cultural materialism - general evolution; cultural materialism - cultural ecology.
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