Clinician's Guide to the 12 Step Principles

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A detailed guide to the Twelve-Step method of addressing alcoholism and addiction. This book prepares clinicians to use their skills and training in concert with this spiritual approach to recovery.


Chapter 1. A Practical Solution.

Chapter 2. Spiritual Experience.

Chapter 3. The Historical Perspective.

Chapter 4. Honesty.

Chapter 5. Step One.

Chapter 6. Step Two.

Chapter 7. Step Three.

Chapter 8. Steps Four and Five.

Chapter 9. Steps Six and Seven.

Chapter 10. Steps Eight and Nine.

Chapter 11. Step Ten.

Chapter 12. Step Eleven.

Chapter 13. Step Twelve.

Chapter 14. The Twelve Traditions.

Chapter 15. Criticism of the Twelve Steps.

Chapter 16. The Courage to Change: The Twelve Steps in Action.

Appendix I: Location of AA Groups World Wide.

Appendix II: The Twelve Steps on the World Wide Web.


Marvin D. Seppala, MD is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine expert in private practice in Portland, OR. Dr. Seppala is the former Corporate Medical Director of the Hazelden Foundation and is currently a consultant to the Native American Chemical Dependency Program (NARA) in Portland.


The author credibly presents an overview of the Twelve Steps and Traditions. There is a paucity of literature that uses an experiential approach to bridge the gap between a clinician's training and understanding of the spiritual aspects of the recovery program. Any clinician interested in addiction and recovery, or Twelve Step members, could benefit from this book. --------Weighted Numerical Score: 90 - 4 Stars! Doody's 20010701
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