Researching School Experience: Ethnographic Studies of Teaching and Learning

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September 1999



There is a tendency in much educational thinking to view pupils in passive terms, as the material on which schools operate. This damaging view is challenged here. Significant recent research shows the effects of changing educational conditions on the experience of teaching and learning in schools. By redressing the balance and acknowledging the affective side of pupils and their learning, this book shows that improved understanding leads to improved teaching. Contributions from Stephen Ball, Martyn Descombe, Ann Filer, Andy Hargreaves, Bob Jeffrey, Geoff Troman, Andrew Pollard and Peter Woods.


Introduction Martyn Hammersley 1 Primary Heads as Teachers: Educating the School Jennifer Nias 2 Researching Primary Teachers' Work: Examining Theory, Policy and Practice through Interactionist Ethnography Geoff Troman 3 Side-stepping the Substantial Self: The Fragmentation of Primary Teachers' Professionality through Audit Accountability Bob Jeffrey 4 Tales of Fear and Loathing: Teachers' Work and Recent Educational Reform Bethan Marshall and Stephen J. Ball 5 The Psychic Rewards (and Annoyances) of Teaching Andy Hargreaves 6 Understanding Teachers' Lives: The Influence of Parenthood Pat Sikes 7 Representing Teachers Ivor F. Goodson 8 Beyond Reflection: Contingency, Idiosyncrasy and Reflexivity in Initial Teacher Education Alex Moore 9 Learning, Policy and Pupil Career: Issues from a Longitudinal Ethnography Andrew Pollard and Ann Filer 10 Looking Back at the Boys: Reflections on Issues of Gender in Classroom Data Lynda Measor 11 Critical Incidents and Learning about Risks: The Case of Young People and Their Health Martyn Denscombe


Martyn Hammersley is Professor of Educational and Social Research, School of Education, The Open University. His main substantive area of research is teachers' and pupils' perspectives, and the process of classroom interaction. However, in recent years most of his work has been concerned with methodological issues arising from social science research.
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