An English Nazareth

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Juni 2004



Impelled by a sense that our personal, social and corporate behaviors grow ever more infantile, these are poems that scrutinize the child, the child-like and the childish. Writing with humor, candor and disarming precision, it reflects the innocence and distress of modern childhood, its often bewildering transitions into the adult world where egotism, anger and acquisitiveness wait. "An English Nazareth calls up an extraordinary cast of real and fictional characters and in doing so these poems further extend the formal and tonal range of a writer whose work confronts us with the truth of innocence.


Martyn Crucefix Martyn Crucefix was born in Wiltshire and read English at Lancaster and Oxford. He has previously won both an Eric Gregory award and a Hawthornden Fellowship. His publications include Beneath Tremendous Rain (Enitharmon, 1990) and At the Mountjoy Hotel (Enitharmon, 1993). He has been a member of The Poetry Society's General Council and is a founder member of the poetry performance group, ShadoWork. He currently lives and teaches in London.


I hope very much the advent of proactive fatherhood will spawn more poetry as tender, humorous and ... profound as this.' Gillian Allnutt, Poetry Review'Crucefix uses a quotidian, work-a-day language that doesn't holler and doesn't hang about. Its lack of rhetoric sits easily with the subject-matter, at once so ordinary and so remarkable.'P N Review
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