Game Theory in the Social Sciences: Concepts and Solutions

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Januar 1985



This book by a recognized authority on game theory and its applications introduces social scientists in a variety of disciplines to this powerful methodology.


Martin Shubik is Seymour Knox Professor of Mathematical Institutional Economics (Emeritus) at Yale University's Cowles Foundation and School of Management.


""Game Theory in the Social Sciences" is what the game theory world has been waiting for, for the last 25 years. Since the publication of Games and Decisions by Luce and Raiffa in 1957, there has been no book directed specifically at the social scientist, that surveys this exciting and dynamic field that underlies so much of today's economic and political theory. Shubik outlines the methods and tools of modern game theory in a way that is comprehensible even to those with very little mathematical training. "There are many examples, ample discussion of conceptual questions, and clear indications of the applications. In short, it is bound to become a classic ...."- Robert Aumann, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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