Investment Illusions: A Savvy Wall Street Pro Explores Popular Misconceptions about the Markets

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März 1996



What the experts are saying about INVESTMENT ILLUSIONS "One of the most entertaining, readable, and well-informed books on personal investing that I have seen. With erudition and wit, Fridson takes aim at the shibboleths, sacred cows, and snakeoil salesmen of the personal investing industry. Investment Illusions is a practical and engaging 'how-not-to' guide." — Stuart C. Gilson, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University. "Investment Illusions presents much good financial advice and a great deal of financial history, especially recent financial history, in an easy-to-read style. I enjoyed it." — Harry M. Markowitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Marvin Speiser Professor of Finance and Economics, Baruch College. "Once in a while, you read a book which makes you think, 'I wish I'd read this book ten years ago.' Investment Illusions is such a book. I found it highly entertaining as well as instructive— the kind of book you pass on to a friend." — Richard Lehmann, President, Bond Investors Association. "Illusions can seem tangible and yet be fallacious. As usual, Marty Fridson uncovers minefields in some of the most important investment fundamentals in a clever and intuitive fashion." — Tony Kao, Director of Investment Research, General Motors Investment Management Corporation.


Partial table of contents: WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD INVESTMENT STRATEGIES. It's Lonely at the Top. Gambler's Blues. NUMBERS RACKETS. Out of the Blue. The Missing Link. SMOKE AND MIRRORS. How to Run a Boiler Room. Pass the Trash. FOR YOUR (MIS)INFORMATION. Missing Records. The Art of Plain Talk. DEFICIENT MARKET HYPOTHESES. Slow But Not So Steady. Foreign Matter. Bibliography. Index.


MARTIN S. FRIDSON is a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch & Co. and a member of Institutional Investor's All--America Research Team. He is the author of Financial Statement Analysis, Second Edition and the editor of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds and Confusion de Confusiones, both published by Wiley. Mr. Fridson also serves on the editorial board of Financial Analysts Journal.
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