Sociology for Nursing and Health Care

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Dezember 1993



This volume provides a very much needed introduction to sociology for all those working or studying in nursing and health care related professions. It has been specially designed to be of use to those whose primary responsibilities concern the prevention, cure and management of illness. Sociology for Nursing and Health Care is a straightforward accessible text, which introduces a wide range of central topics. The following themes are explored: the professions in medicine; the hospital as an organization; relationships in the health service; inequalities of health; what makes us ill; the national health service; women's health and nursing; methods of research in sociology for nurses. Each chapter includes an account of the key issues and viewpoints as well as helpful and constructive questions and exercises.


1. An Introduction to Sociology. 2. The Professions in Medicine. 3. The Hospital as an Organization: Beliefs and Realities. 4. Relationships in the Health Service. 5. Inequalities of Health. 6. What Makes Us Ill?. 7. The National Health Service: A Sociological View. 8. Women, Health and Nursing. 9. Methods of Research in Sociology for Nurses. Conclusions. Bibliography. Index.


Martin Joseph is Senior Academic Visitor in Sociology at Oxford Brookes University. He is the author of a number of highly sucessful text books including Sociology for Everyone.


a This is an excellent introduction to the subject for students, and a welcome manual for tutors. Martin Joseph has succeeded in producing a good guide through the subject without bombarding the reader with unnecessary jargon.a David Skidmore, Manchester Metropolitan University a A very readable book in which sociology is made relevant to nursing and health care in a interesting and lively manner.a Robert Bocock, The Open University
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