The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism, 1890 1916: The Market, the Law, and Politics

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Dezember 2003



Martin Sklar examines the antitrust debates from a judicial, legislative, and political aspect from 1890 1916.


Preface; List of abbreviations used in the footnotes; 1. Introduction: corporate capitalism and corporate liberalism; Part I. The Market and the Law: 2. Metamorphosis in property and thought; 3. The corporate reconstruction and the antitrust law; Part II. Politics: 4. The politics of antitrust; 5. Two progressive presidents; 6. Woodrow Wilson and the corporate-liberal ascendancy; 7. Conclusion: fathers and prophets; Bibliography; Index.


'For many years historians of corporate America - myself among them - have benefitted from Martin J. Sklar's patient, prodigious, and path-breaking, but largely unpublished, studies. At long last, Professor Sklar has brought these studies together to provide an unparalleled account of the historic transformation that, more than any other, shaped the scoeity in which we still live. In the remarkable range and depth of his analysis, Sklar quietly displays the qualities that place him among the major historians of our era.' David F. Noble, Drexel University 'This is a first-rate scholarly contribution, daring in its conception and persuasive in its execution.' Robert M. Collins, University of Missouri
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