Britain, France, and the Financing of the First World War

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Februar 2003



An exploration of British and French efforts to juggle the demands of paying for a war of unprecedented cost and duration with the dictates of an allied coalition. Fighting the First World War consumed lives, material, and money. Millions died; more suffered. By the war's end, the political map of Europe had been redrawn as empires disappeared and new states arose. In Britain, France, and the Financing of the First World War Martin Horn traces the financial contours of the war, which crippled France financially, leaving Britain, itself weakened, to contest international financial leadership with the United States, the principal beneficiary of the war. He shows that victory followed not only from the ability to arm and feed mass armies but also from the capacity to raise money.


"First-rate scholarship and methodology. This book adds substantially to our knowledge of the allied war effort during the First World War. It is exceptionally well-grounded and its documentary basis far exceeds any other book dealing with the related topics. Horn breaks new ground in the diversity of his sources and the detail with which he treats the topic This will be a welcome and useful addition to the field." Keith Neilson, Department of History, Royal Military College "This is a very fine, well-argued, and exceptionally well-grounded analysis of the financial aspects of the allied war effort... most useful addition to the scholarly literature."--The Economic History Review, August 2003
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