Scaffolding the New Web: Standards and Standards Policy for the Digital Economy

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Juli 2000



Although much of the growing digital economy rests on the Internet and World Wide Web, which in turn rest on information technology standards, it is unclear how much longer the current momentum can be sustained absent new standards. To discover whether today's standards processes are adequate, where they are taking the industry, and whether government intervention will be required to address systemic failures in their development, RAND undertook five case studies. So far, it seems, the current standards process remains basically healthy, with various consortia taking up the reins of the process, and the rise of open-source software has also aided vendor-neutral standardization. Nevertheless, the prospects for semantic standards to fulfill XML's promise are uncertain. Can the clearly merits revisiting.


Chapter topics Introduction: The Place of Standards; Lessons from Five Case Studies; The Emerging Challenge of Common Semantics; Standards Development Institutions; Standards and Policy; Conclusions
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